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Partners to Success

The road to success can be a long one…

… and the road to your new qualification can feel just as challenging and scary, especially if you have never studied at that level before.

Having the right team of people surrounding you can make a world of difference to your motivation and that is where our trainers come in.

When you are feeling overwhelmed with content that you maybe haven’t come across before, a good trainer will be there to simplify and help you process the information in a way that best suits your learning style. It is their job to ensure that you feel confident in your understanding while guiding you through your qualification.

There is absolutely no such thing as a silly question especially when it is to do with your learning as support and encouragement are the backbone of what we do at Ballistic Training Solutions!

Here are some qualities we think are important to have in your trainers:

1. Excellent listening skills – To feel understood and heard and being able to collaborate over solutions together.

2. Support and encouragement – guide your learning without doing it for you and providing you with the confidence to ask the right questions and be confident in your approach.

3. Communication skills – Effective communication is key, especially when adapting to different learning styles and personalities.

4. Problem solvers – When issues arise, as they can do, thinking on ones feet for a solution for a student is key.

5. Continuous learning – as it is their role to facilitate your training, it is also their responsibility to keep their knowledge current to best support your journey.

Our trainers are so passionate about their industries and about what they do, we know that if you choose to commence and complete your study with us that you will feel like you have made the right choice in your partner to success.


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