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VET. Vocational Education and Training.

We are all for VET Study at Ballistic Training Solutions, it’s what we do and what we do well. We love seeing our students thrive in their chosen fields and so, if you are exploring your study options, here are some reasons as to why we think Vocational education can be an excellent option for your future.

It’s HANDS ON and practically based. Vocational education provides students with the opportunity to gain education and experience through a practical ‘hands-on’ approach that is unique to this method of study rather than a heavy focus on theory. For example, if you are studying Business, you will be demonstrating your ability to be competent completing practical tasks and linking all that you do to your study content.

The ENTRY REQUIREMENTS are more relaxed in most cases. Compared to other higher education pathways, VET courses typically require the completion or equivalent of Australian year 10, 11 or 12. Of course there are some courses that require certain licenses and pre-requisite qualifications but we have all that information and will do what we can to assist in you getting started!

Your EDUCATION PATHWAYS can be opened up upon completion of your course. If you are interested and depending on your area of study, you may be able to use your VET qualification to gain credits through recognition of prior learning. In addition, if this is just the beginning of your study journey then it’s a great way to test the water and see if your chosen area is the right fit for you prior to committing to a degree.

Regardless of your study journey, we are here, armed with the knowledge and trainers to make your experience an enjoyable one and celebrating all your achievements along the way to completing your qualification!


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