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Time to dive into a Diploma?

We understand that any decision to take on further study can feel too hard and daunting, especially when you think about it as a whole and look at a possible 2-year commitment...but we aim to make your learning experience enjoyable and really see the value in supporting your journey to build on your current skill set or dive into a whole new industry!

At Ballistic Training Solutions, we honestly get excited with you when you get excited about your study and are passionate about finding the right fit for you. A Diploma is an excellent study option when you are searching to move up in the ranks of your industry and we offer several Diploma courses to suit a wide range of industries.

Diploma study is an excellent option when getting ready for the job market is your priority, whether you are currently working towards a role, within a role and want to upskill or preparing yourself to be industry competitive.

Vocational education and study has a heavy focus on the practical and technical components of your area of interest - while Degrees tend to have a heavier theoretical focus.

It is important to also consider the industry you will be entering (or are already working within) and the type of education that will benefit you. For example, if you are already working within the Ecosystem and Conservation sector, undertaking a Diploma in Conservation and Ecosystem Management will serve you and your role immediately while also allowing you to tie in your current responsibilities with your studies. Being able to reinforce your current knowledge while also expanding your skill set and knowledge areas is what vocational education is all about and in the long run, provides you with the ability to really tailor your learning experience to what you need rather than a degree structured curriculum.

Supported by highly skilled trainers, we aim to ensure your studies will be challenging and rewarding while also being highly relevant to your industry and current industry standards.

Current Diploma Course offerings:

Happy studying!


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