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Benefits of Working Outdoors!

As we grow more and more digital in our everyday lives, the importance of balance and enjoying the little things becomes more important and something we need to make a conscious effort to do. As I sit inside…at my computer…squinting at a screen…probably also hunched over and typing… I want to share some of the benefits of working outdoors and reasons as to why choosing to study on of our Environmental Courses could be the choice for you!

1. Physical Activity

It’s no secret that the introduction of screens to our everyday lives has lead to more sedentary habits and prolonged periods of inactivity. This is extremely detrimental to our health long term and according to Better Health Victoria, working in a desk job actually increased the risk of type 2 diabetes by 112%!

2. Reduces Stress Levels

Have you ever felt stressed while on a bush walk or photographing nature? No? A study by Science Direct explored how the outdoors affected mental health and the improvements made. They discovered that increased time spent outside decreased feelings of pressure and stress, encouraging mindfulness and a greater sense of life satisfaction.

3. Mood enhancer and immune system booster

Even just 10 minutes in the sun increased serotonin production which is our happy hormone. Increased serotonin, along with other produced endorphins, are a natural way to boost your overall mood and make for a happier worker! Scientists have also examined the positive effects of breathing in phytoncides – chemicals produced by plants – and boosting your immune system, improving your ability to fight that annual sniffle and cough.

4. Energy Boost

According to a study published in December 2019 by Nature Scientific Report, being outside for as little as 20 minutes can provide you with a boost of energy equivalent to a cup of coffee. Fresh air is a natural invigorator and a sure-fire way to consistently avoid that 3pm slump you feel so often at your desk job.

So if the outdoors is your happy place, you want a change from your desk space or you are passionate about our environment, please get in touch to discuss your study options today… or just go outside and catch your breath for a moment.


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