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Risky Business

It is hard to imagine a world prior to workplace health and safety, maybe we trusted our own common sense or maybe we just injured ourselves a lot more!

The official introduction of WHS has to be a contributing factor to the fact we now have a much longer life expectancy; warning labels, signage, workplace policies and procedures and hazard identification exist to keep us safe, aware of hazards and the best possible methods of practice in workplaces and environments with higher levels of risk. Imagine the chaos, especially these days, without it!

We have managed to create a whole industry in the business of Safety and whether you operate as a WHS specialist, WHS manager, a worksite manager, Worksite Safety Advisor, Health and Safety Representative or Safety Officer, it is key to be confident in your knowledge of the legislation designed to keep our places of work compliant and safe to operate within.

According to, workplaces with individuals that display confidence in WHS policy and procedure have demonstrated improvement to staff productivity and the overall reduction of the rate of injury and illness in the workplace. A strong WHS culture in a workplace demonstrates to staff that their workplace has a great deal of care for the wellbeing of its workers and in turn, this leads to a greater sense of care for the workplace from staff. Not to mention the extra revenue generated from a staff body that are motivated to do well and are not absent from injury or illness!

Another motivating factor for businesses to ensure they are WHS compliant are the serious legal implications for workplaces that do not implement effective and thorough WHS practices. Each Australian state has their own set of WHS laws and regulators to enforce their WHS framework and it is also important to note that responsibility does also extend to the individuals within the workplace to ensure they are operating in a way that does not contribute any risk in regards to their own health and safety or that of others.

If you are currently working within the WHS industry, are searching for work in the WHS industry or are wanting to upskill for a promotion or self-interest, we offer several courses that may be of interest to you. If this is you then please reach out so that we may be able to direct you towards the best possible qualification for your needs.


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