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Courses in Conservation

Our Environment is an incredibly important part of our quality of life, our sense of well being and our lifestyle. We need to ensure that we do not take our resources, wildlife, biodiversity, natural attractions and protected sites for granted so they continue to be around and thrive for generations to come - and beyond.

An increase in population and tourism has certainly taken it’s toll on our delicate environment and complex systems and it’s becoming more and more important to express our concern, get educated and involve ourselves in effective solutions to benefit not only Australia, but our wider global community.

At Ballistic Training Solutions, we are big advocates for the environment and understand how important it is to work together to ensure that delicate balance is maintained, protected and strengthened. We are home to flora and fauna of introduced species, feral species, pests and various threats that require effective management strategies to ensure we protect our vulnerable and native species whilst managing environmental impact, on all fronts.

If our environment is your passion and you are thinking of pursuing a career to understand and protect our precious resources, we have a broad range of courses that might be of interest to you! Alternatively, you might already be working within the industry and looking to upgrade or up-skill your qualifications and we are definitely happy to help there as well.

Courses on offer:

AHC30318 Certificate III in Rural and Environmental Pest Management

AHC10116 Certificate I in Conservation and Land Management

AHC21016 Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management

AHC31416 Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management

AHC51116 Diploma of Conservation and Land Management

AHCMOM217 Operate Quad Bikes

AC/DC Agricultural Chemical Distribution Control Course

AHCMOM213 Operate and Maintain Chainsaws

AHCPCM203 Fell Small Trees

HLTAID005 Provide First Aid in Remote Situations

AMPG306 Use Firearms to Harvest Wild Game

AHCPMG312 Apply Poison Baits for Vertebrate Pest Control

AHCPMG307 Apply Animal Trapping Techniques

AHCPMG305 Survey Pests

AHCPMG309 Apply Pest Animal Control Techniques

A full list of our Environmental Courses are included on our website. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding our qualifications on offer, we are always happy to help and discuss your study options. We pride our ourselves on our ability to make your training flexible and tailored to your industry and individual needs so get in touch!

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