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Deliberating Diplomas?

After some study with a bit of bite? Completing a Diploma is an excellent way to dive into your industry and prepare yourself for your next step in the work force.

Diploma qualifications offer a more broad and in-depth approach to your studies in professional, technical or creative fields. You will also further develop and extend your problem-solving skills, communication skills and analytical skills as well as expand upon your overall knowledge and skill set within your desired industry. Completing a Diploma and studying through vocational education provides you with an understanding of the skills you will be utilising, and it allows you to place those skills into practice whilst still completing your studies.

There are several benefits of Diploma study, the main one being the completion time being significantly less than that of a degree, with most of Ballistic Training Solutions’ qualifications able to be completed within 12 months. The practical nature introduced within Diploma study can also be advantageous as sometimes, theory and academics are not the most suited approaches to your industry for a fully rounded educational experience. Practical activities assist with ‘real-work’ and ‘real-world’ application and tasks within your chosen field so you are 100% prepared when you complete your studies.

Learning and the learning requirements are also a lot more flexible when it comes to vocational education qualifications, you are able to start at any time of the year and aren’t subject to study ‘terms’ or periods. Pre-requisites may exist for some qualifications but you certainly aren’t subject to entry scores or past results being examined, your acceptance will be based on a range of eligibility requirements which we will run through with you. So, if flexibility is high on your list of study requirements, then a Diploma may be the perfect option for you!

Currently we offer 4 Diploma option across various fields and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your options with you and answer any questions that you might have! We are passionate about ensuring our students feel supported, prepared and confident throughout and beyond their studies to be able to tackle their interests and career goals head on so get in touch and make some moves!

1300 738 098 or to kick start your study today!

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