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NEW COURSE: 10660NAT Course in Swimming Pool Safety Inspections

There aren’t many things Queenslanders love more in summer than relaxing by the pool. Pools are always a beautiful lifestyle addition to the home, perfect for BBQ’s, summer parties and to relax by, but when children are involved, they can certainly add an element of stress to backyard time! Pool owners are responsible for ensuring their pool areas remain safe and secure for those utilising it and as an inspector (or soon to be inspector) it’s your job to make sure owners, family and friends are protected by following some basic rules and understand their obligations.

Accidents do happen, but it’s our mission to make sure we train those who may assist in accident prevention to the highest standard possible. The pool and your backyard are and always should be areas of relaxation and enjoyment but they also can be areas filled with potential dangers, especially if we are unaware of relevant guidelines that exist to protect our safety. The worst thing is that often, these potential dangers identified can be managed and avoided by following a few simple rules and having a safety inspection completed – which really is not a stretch when considering peace of mind and ensuring compliance with current legislation.

Education is an incredibly important part of ensuring safety and it will be your job to provide clients with the knowledge to make the correct decisions and adjustments to make their pool a safe zone, when we know better, we do better and can do our best to protect those at risk.

Our 10660NAT Course in Swimming Pool Safety Inspections guides students through the skills and knowledge required to competently perform inspections of regulated swimming pools and identify key nonconformity issues that may be evident within a pool area. If you operate as a council officer, pool safety inspector, are a builder, pool fence installer, developer or looking to branch into a new industry, then this course is 100% for you.

Through the course you will learn to interpret relevant legislation such as the Building Act 1975, appropriate planning prior to your inspection, the application of the pool safety standard to determine compliance and other key requirements to ensure you are competent and confident in conducting a pool safety inspection for your client!

If you are interested in completing your 10660NAT Course in Swimming Pool Safety Inspections, please get in touch with one of our friendly staff today on 1300 738 098 or

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