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Study tips to make your life easier!

Study. *Cue groans*

We understand, no matter how much you love your chosen industry, study can really be a significant personal challenge and we want to work with you to ensure you enjoy your education as much as we enjoy being a part of it. We have compiled a little guide of tips that might help with your study needs and give you some ideas to keep you motivated and on track while you complete your qualification.


This is why you have a trainer, to support and guide your learning and they are always more than happy to answer and talk through any troubles you may be having. Don’t forget, you are their job and to see you succeed and be passionate about your study means the world!


How do you prefer to organise your day? Do lists work better for you? Pop up reminders? An electronic calendar? Flow charts? Visual aids are excellent motivators and assist with keeping you on task, with a clear path mapped out of what is due when and that all important finish line!


Netflix is amazing but not a great tool for holding your important focus on projects and assessment.


This is absolutely crucial! It’s complete unreasonable to sit holed up for hours (and in fact, this reduces productivity). Reward yourself with little, regular breaks – think 15 minutes for every 45 minutes completed. Make sure you do time yourself to keep yourself accountable and on task, just remember how good it feels to complete a task and power on, till your next break!


During school we all had teachers chasing us to complete assignments and homework tasks and in your qualification, you will have a trainer or a supervisor to guide you, but why let yourself be baby sat? It’s your education, take control! You are aware of your obligations (otherwise you wouldn’t have signed up). By setting your own deadlines, you are taking back control and developing your own ways of managing your self which is an incredible tool to have in life! Plus, how embarrassing if you are being chased for something just because you decided to watch another movie…


Create your own little space for a study zone. This can be where you set up your to do lists and visualisation tools to help with that motivation! Even pin up questions you would like to run past your trainer next time you meet up with them. Having an area designated to your study will put you in a clear frame of mind to get on with the task at hand.


If you focus better with noise, without noise, at 5am or 11pm, study then! Listen to yourself and what works best for you, understanding what makes you tick will only work to your advantage.


No one can force you to get things done but you. Remind yourself of why you are studying. It might be to start working in your dream industry or maybe to make yourself competitive for that position you’ve been eyeing off – or you simply want to be more qualified in your current field, becoming more competitive and knowledgeable with the skills you are gaining.

Each time you feel yourself entering a slump or a moment of ‘I’ll do it later’, just remember why you are doing what you are doing and your ultimate goal.


And when everything else fails and you are struggling to find the motivation to get assessments done, remember your study has an end date, smash through it and you’ll be better off on the other side having completed something pretty exceptional that you should definitely be proud of.

We are always happy to assist with your next step so call us on 1300 738 098 or email on to discuss your study options!

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