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First Aid Certificate need updating?

Have you always thought about becoming qualified in First Aid or are you searching for some professional development opportunities? Whatever your reason, First Aid is an essential life skill that everyone can benefit from and although we hope you never need to use your training in a real life situation, having the knowledge there provides you with the confidence to act if required.

The benefits of First Aid training are extensive and broad ranging and although the first thing that may come to mind is ‘Saving Lives’, First Aid training is an excellent preventative measure in your work, home and everyday life.

  • Reduces the number of accidents!

  • Training in First Aid enables individuals to be more aware of safety in their environments, leading to a reduced number of accidents and injuries that may be waiting to happen

  • Positive workers, positive workplace!

  • The workplace benefits hugely from team-building exercises and First Aid training provides your team with the perfect opportunity to gain new skills and undertake a morale boosting exercise for the workplace. Plus, an increased awareness of employee health and safety leads to a safer, more positive environment

  • Gets you back on your feet!

  • Reacting quickly in an emergency situation can not only be life saving but it can significantly reduce recovery time by ensuring you are able to react with a clear, calm and confident attitude, utilising the appropriate techniques you have learnt

Ballistic Training Solutions provides First Aid Training over a two day workshop setting, combining theory and practical assessment for students to obtain a well rounded and comprehensive understanding of their new skills.

HLTAID003 – Apply First Aid

HLTAID005 – Provide First Aid in Remote Situations

HLTAID001 – Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

The above courses extensively cover:

  • Appropriate responses in an emergency situation (for HLTAID005: in a remote situation)

  • Appropriate first aid procedures

  • Communication of the incident

  • Evaluation of the incident and individual performance

  • Perform CPR procedures

We would love to guide you whether you are refreshing your qualification or a First Aid first timer, get in touch and ask about our next course! or 1300 738 098

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