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For Conservation Warriors Only!

We are incredibly lucky to live in a country that is home to some amazing native wildlife species, we are bio-diverse and proud of it but it is important to make sure we are taking steps to protect against threats to our delicate balance.

Australia is home to many introduced species, which have unfortunately in some cases, become pests and as a result have established substantial populations across our country. It is hugely important that we have methods to control these threats in order to minimise impact on our agricultural and environmental systems, to eradicate them completely would be next to impossible but we can certainly have measures and techniques in place to ensure everything is kept under some sort of control.

Pest management is becoming increasingly important, particularly in rural areas and we are proud to offer the Certificate III in Rural and Environmental Pest Management. We are hugely passionate about conservation and understand how important it is to protect not only our native species, but also our livelihoods affected by introduced species.

Our Certificate III in Rural and Environmental Pest Management covers individuals who work in weed management as well as vertebrate pest management across conservation, land management, horticultural and agricultural settings. Occupational pathways that link up with this qualification are, but not limited to; Park Ranger, Wildlife Officer, Primary Producer, Research Officer and Pest Management Specialist.

If you are currently employed in the Pest Management, Rural Environmental Pest Management or Conservation and Land Management sectors and are wanting to upgrade your skills or change industries, contact us today and get started on something new!

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