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Big on Biodiversity

At Ballistic Training Solutions, we are incredibly passionate about supporting and protecting our wildlife and unique ecosystem. We run several courses that encourage and promote biodiversity by removing harmful and pest species that threaten the delicate balance of these systems.

We recently ran a course with students in Yeppoon for AHCPMG312: Apply Poison Baits for Vertebrate Pest Control in Rural & Environmental Landscapes. This program is instrumental in providing individuals with the skills and knowledge required to prepare pest animal and baiting programs. We focus on the importance of safe preparation and appropriate distribution of poison baits for the control of vertebrate pest animals that affect our rural and natural environments, always promoting and ensuring relevant legislative guidelines are understood and worked within.

Our students are currently working within the environmental conservation industry and are extremely passionate about the conservation of our native wildlife and protecting our farms, parks, forests, waterways, biodiversity and catchments for our future generations.

AHCPMG312 is a part of the AHC 3.0 Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package and links to further qualifications at Cert II, III IV and Diploma level. If you are a council officer, biosecurity team member, rural operator or currently working within the industry and are searching to further your education or upskill your current qualifications, this program is an excellent opportunity for you and your workplace!

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