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Start 2020 off safe and sound!

Are you a WHS Coordinator? Safety Officer? Very accident prone?! We offer courses in First Aid (HLTAID003 – Apply First Aid) and welcome all those who wish to obtain their certification or are working in positions that may be required to provide a first aid response.

The ability to perform basic First Aid assistance is an essential life skill, especially if you have small children, dependants living with you or work in a particularly risky environment – even if you don’t, papercuts can seriously, seriously sting…

While we never hope the situation arises, it is always beneficial in both everyday life and your workplace to be prepared and trained to act appropriately should a dangerous situation or casualty require immediate attention.

Our training covers the appropriate way to respond in an emergency situation – being able to snap into action and call on your training could possibly save a life, no matter how confronting the emergency may be. We will also equip you with the correct way to communicate and document an incident as well as evaluating your own performance, amongst other key response skills.

We run our courses from our head office or are always happy to travel to you to train your team. To reserve your spot in our next course or if you have any questions please get in touch!

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