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Hunter Leap

NSW HUNTER LEAP PROGRAM RESTICTED LICENCE COURSE (R-Licence) Required to Hunt Game on Approved Private and Public Land in NSW.

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Ballistic Training Solutions is an approved provider of the NSW DPI Hunter LEAP Program for certification of your Restricted Licence (R-Licence) which enables you to hunt game animals on public land with appropriate permission.

The Restricted licence (R-licence) allows you to hunt game and feral animals on public land that has been declared for hunting and opened, or on private land with the permission of the landholder.

Approved Hunting Organisations

Before qualifying for an R-licence, you must become a member of an Approved Hunting Organisation (AHO). You must also maintain your membership for your R-licence to remain valid. There are close to 200 AHOs registered in NSW.

You will be asked to provide proof of your membership when you send in your application paperwork.


The Process

You need to complete an approved Hunter Leap Course which entails an open book assessment on the relevant categories for your R-Licence. These include:

·       Firearms

·       Bows

·       Dogs

·       Blackpowder firearms

This course can be completed with ballistic Training Solutions.

Once you have successfully completed your course and obtained the relevant certificate details, we will provide you with the application forms and checklist details to submit your R-Licence application with NSW DPI (NSW Department of Primary industries).

Remembering that you will need to be a member of an approved Hunting Organisation PRIOR to booking your assessment with us.

For more information on the Hunter LEAP Training Program and completing your R-Licence Training contact one of the team members at Ballistic Training Solutions Today.

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