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AHC21020 Certificate II in Conservation and Ecosystem Management

Course Overview

The AHC21020 Certificate II in Conservation and Ecosystem Management qualification provides an occupational outcome in conservation and land management. Work would be carried out under general guidance and supervision.

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required for work in a defined context and/or for further study in conservation and ecosystem management. Work would be carried out under general guidance and supervision.

The qualification enables individuals to select and develop basic factual, technical and procedural knowledge in conservation and ecosystem management for Indigenous land management, lands, parks and wildlife services and the restoration and rehabilitation of ecosystems.


No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication. Users are advised that individual elective units selected may have licensing, legislative or certification requirements and are advised to check the units individually for these requirements.


This course is an entry level Conservation and Land Management Qualification encompassing numerous hands on industry specific, field orientated practical activities.


Core Units of Competency

AHCWHS201Participate in work health & safety processes

AHCWRK209 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Elective Units of Competency

AHCFAU202 Recognise fauna – A

AHCECR305 Collect Native Seed – A

HLTAID011 Provide first aid– B

AHCPCM204 Recognise Plants – A

AHCPCM202 Collect, prepare and preserve plant specimens – A

AHCCHM201Apply chemicals under supervision – B

TLID1001 Shift materials using manual handling methods – B

BSBTEC201 Use business software applications – B

AHCPMG202 Treat plant pests, diseases and disorders – A

AHCPGD206 Conduct visual inspection of park facilities – A

AHCPCM205 Fell small trees - B

AHCMOM213 Operate and maintain chainsaws – B

AHCPMG201 Treat weeds - A

AHCBIO203 Inspect and clean machinery, tools and equipment to preserve biosecurity - A


Entry Requirements / Pre-Requisites

Not Applicable


Qualification Structuring Rules

To be awarded the AHC21020 Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management competency must be achieved in 15 units comprising of:

·       2 core units plus

·       13 elective units.


Elective units must ensure the integrity of the qualification’s Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome.


The electives are to be chosen as follows:

  • at least 4 units must be selected from Group A

  • remaining units can be selected from Group A or Group B and up to 3 units from any Training Package or accredited course.


Delivery Options

Face to face, workplace assisted and remote delivery support strategies available.

Course Duration: 

12 Months tailored depending on student & client requirements. Options include Student Self-Paced Workbook and Project Delivery supported by ongoing Trainer/Assessor Assistance, worksite workshop delivery linked to worksite operational employment activities supported by Trainer/Assessor visits. Each client’s requirements being considered, some homework activity and student time management will be important to ensure we maintain the volume of learning requirements on this qualification. 12 Months can be extended by the student through an application process.


Cost is determined based on the individual student requirements, assessment strategy and any potential funding applicable.

As an indicative guide the following options are available with this program:

·        Qld User Choice Program Eligible- Yes (See User Choice Details)

·        Qld Certificate III Guarantee Eligible Program - Yes

·        Non-Funded Full Course Fee - $3550.00

·       RPL Assessment - (Available based on individual student circumstances and will vary depending on number of units you successfully gain recognition for, the fee structure of the course and any assessment or gap training requirements. You will be provided with an approximate cost based on your RPL application and agreed course training plan)

Full details of fees and charges are available from Ballistic Training Solutions by contacting one of our consultants to discuss your individual requirements.


On successful completion you will receive a AHC21020 Certificate II in Conservation and Ecosystem Management nationally recognised qualification. In the event that you do not successfully complete the entire program, you will be awarded nationally recognised Statement of Attainments for each successfully completed Unit in the Qualification.

Education Pathways

AHC21020 Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management is in the Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package and links to further advanced studies such as the AHC31420 Certificate III in Conservation & Ecosystem Management, or a range of post graduate study areas. 


Occupational Pathways

Park Ranger/Wildlife Officer/ Primary Producer/ Research Officer/ Pest Management Specialist


Where to from here

If you are currently employed in the Conservation and Land Management field looking to upgrade your skills or looking to change industry and take up a new career in the Environmental Conservation field contact the Team at Ballistic Training Today!


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