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ACDC Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control 

Ballistic Training Solutions is a proud provider of Conservation and Land Management Training Solutions to the Agricultural, Environmental & Rural Industry Sectors.


Linking our pest management training strategies and our conservation land management and rural operation strategies we are committed to ensure our students receive the best industry training available.


We advocate and demonstrate environmentally sustainable practices in preserving and managing our natural resources for future generations.


We are committed to providing the highest quality training and assessment services for animal welfare and environmental management strategies for the community and actively work with key stakeholders in developing industry best practice and minimum standards to ensure environmental sustainability objectives are met.

ACDC Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Course

This course includes the theoretical and practical components of two (2) units of competency chosen by the Department of Primary industries to meet skills and knowledge required to be able to apply to hold an ACDC unrestricted Licence.


This course consists of two (2) units of competency that make up the skill group that includes the skills and knowledge to identify and apply and reporting control weeds methods; hazard and risk management; prepare, apply and safely use chemicals; calibration; SDS use; chemical records; and spray plans; transportation, chemical management and storage.

AHCCHM307 - Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases

AHCCHM304 - Transport and Store Chemicals

Under the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act 1966, if you intend to use ground equipment to distribute herbicides on land that you or a close relative do not own or occupy, you may need a commercial operator's licence.


Factors that can determine if you need a licence include; the type of ground equipment that you are using and whether you are carrying out the ground distribution in a declared hazardous area, a regulated area or non-regulated area of the state.

You must be at least 17 years of age to be issued a commercial operator's licence. You do not need a licence if you are carrying out ground distribution outside of the regulated areas in Queensland.


Commercial operator's licences are issued by Biosecurity Queensland.

A commercial operator's licence is issued for either a 1-year or 3-year period, nominated by the applicant when they apply.

Further Details: 

To enrol or enquire on further course details, please contact one of the team at Ballistic to discuss your future training and development by email or by phone: 1300 738 098


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Ballistic Training Solutions is committed to continuous improvement and the development of industry best practice and standards in sustainability and environmental management activities through active engagement with key stakeholders.


We are committed to developing, contributing & maintaining industry best practice standards and operating procedures regarding animal welfare, environment & firearms safety practices through our active engagement with key stakeholders including:

  • State & Territory Firearms Licencing bodies

  • Key Environmental stateholders

  • Agrilcultural providers

  • Professional shooters associations

  • Invasive Pest Species Management Providers

  • Sporting Shooters

  • Public stakeholders concerned with public safety and environmental management

Industry Tailored Training focused on your individual learning needs!

Course details and pre-requisite information is available on the specific course overview pages. To review your personal training needs don't hesitate to email us a copy of your current qualifications, experience and resume and we can review a tailored training plan to meet your specific requirements.

We worked with the Team at Ballistic Training to develop a customised Nationally accredited program to suit our policy/procedure and operating environment, very professional service and a great product result for our organisation, team and individuals.


Informative, focused program, i felt comfortable with the information and pace and took a lot away from my course. Thanks guys.


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